Tina Fraley: Bridging the Gap between Physical and Emotional Change

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I stopped gaining weight when I started believing I didn’t have to anymore. I started losing weight when I believed I could lose it.

Tina Fraley



Episode 39

As a mom of seven, a domestic abuse survivor, and someone who lost over 150 pounds, Tina Fraley has proven successful on her very own transformation journey.

This journey taught her the fundamentals of building a roadmap to long term success by bridging the gap between physical and emotional change. 

Tina is no stranger to the Well-Being Community. She a nutrition coach, certified personal trainer and a group instructor at Hagerstown Sports Club & Fitness, a boot camp instructor at Soldierfit Hagerstown, a masterclass writer and trainer at Be Well and Health Consulting.

Tina is also a Masters level community counselor with over 20yrs experience in the mental health field.

A leader, a role model and someone I’m proud to call a friend.

With all of the obstacles, from abuse to obesity, pay close attention as Tina delivers a masterclass on how she made the decision to live, love, and lead.


Where to find Tina:

Website: https://www.fitmindedliving.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitmindedliving


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