Unlocking the Power of The Quantum Wins Model with Cristina Imre

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Episode 207

Do you want to make a quantum win? What if I tell you that my guest today can be your secret weapon to unlock your powers and achieve your vision for the future? If you are ready to take the leap, tune in!

Cristina Imre is the secret weapon of ambitious, purpose-driven leaders behind their business successes today and in the future. She is a powerful entrepreneur that uses scientifically proven methods to bring clarity and conscious creators to take a quantum leap to business and life success. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn how Cristina trains founders and leaders to make aligned shifts for success.
  2. Uncover how the quantum wins model works.
  3. Discover why mastering your emotions will be the key to success in life and business.


Episode Highlights

Who is Cristina Imre

    • Cristina Imre is the founder of the Quantum Wins Executive & Mentoring Program.
    • A No BS coach that develops a method that transforms the way of life.
    • She is also the host of Cristina's Room Podcast.

Cristina's crazy entrepreneurial backstory

    • Cristina shares her first entrepreneurial experience at the flea market.
    • She started six companies, exited 2, and bigger exits are on the way.
    • Her extreme work ethic led her not to enjoy life as much.

The business nicknames

    • She is known as a people reader because of her ability to interpret people's characters.
    • Cristina's value in life is to be direct, tough, and grow as a No BS coach.

Calling out the founders to ride the dragon road

    • She wants to make a huge impact on people, society, and the entire Earth.
    • Using her limited time to coach the right type of people.
    • Cristina's first coach - Jim Rohn.

Mastering the mental and emotional game

    • Cristina explains that once your thoughts and emotions align, you will have the key to the success of what you want in life.
    • Focus on things that will bring you closer to your desired core in the future.
    • To achieve everything you want, you have to reprogram yourself with your future vision.

The Quantum Wins Model

    • Cristina works with clients in her own traditional way for 2-3 weeks.
    • When the founder/leader is open to exploring more about bringing their vision closer, she will introduce the idea of the quantum law of attraction.
    • She will design a six-month program and work with the client's transformation.
    • Cristina helps her clients make aligned shifts to let go of the good and create space for the great.
    • To work with Cristina, clients must meet three requirements; trust, coachability, and action.

Cristina's painful learning points

    • She learned the biggest strength is becoming your own best friend.
    • To evolve, you need to learn daily
    • Seeking a guide through other coaches and mentors

The most common struggles of founders and companies

    • Cristina addresses the work-life balance BS.
    • The very personal type of issue to solve before business.

Cristina's work in Psychiatry

    • She has the chance to work with one of Romania's two geniuses of the 21st century.
    • The starting point of her in-depth discovery of human nature.

What Cristina would like to be remembered for

    • Cristina wants to be remembered for teaching people to believe in the human species and our beautiful possible positive evolution.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

17:11 - "Some people need toughness. They need that to wake up to go a certain route".

19:17 - "My time is limited. I'm one person with my own dreams, but I could have a huge impact if I have the right type of people who could have, through their work through their companies, a huge impact over millions". 

26:30 - "You cannot evolve if you don't lose things because you need to let in new things, higher things, higher vibration, better people in regards to what you're seeking. New opportunities from a different level cannot enter your life if you don't let some space for them to enter".


About Cristina Imre

Cristina Imre is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and executive coach & mentor that helps executive CEOs and founders to evolve and achieve their full potential in life and business.  

She incorporated her two decades of research, testing, and applying unique and classical methods in a business setting with a clear focus on leadership development. Cristina develops the Quantum Win model that shakes and unlocks the gate to discovery, knowledge, awareness, and success. 


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