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Episode 121

Have you been thinking about how visual storytelling can help to build your brand? 

We welcome Deevo Tindall and Lisa Staff, a dynamic visual storytelling duo from the East Coast.

In 2018, Lisa and Deevo founded Sprout Connectors, a brand imagination accelerator. They help small businesses and entrepreneurs craft and develop their brand messaging with compelling and strategic content for ignition and optimization. And we’re going to break that down throughout today’s conversation. 

They’re a bespoke visual photography and video company that independently started in two different places. After both started their agencies, they came together to start Sprout Connectors, a full-service creative agency focusing on social media management and content storytelling. They mix an efficient blend of content savvy with a relentless creative lavishness and depth of imagination to serve an inspiring brand community to help businesses scale.

Hosts of The Mind-Body Business Podcast, you’re in for an interesting conversation as we pick apart both of their backgrounds as serial entrepreneurs, discover how they merged, and how they’re able to help you build your brand.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Get to know the backgrounds of this dynamic visual storytelling duo and how they can help you build your brand.
  2. Discover what brand visual storytelling is and how it enables you to craft a juxtaposition.
  3. Find out about the discovery process and the ongoing coaching process that helps one overcome imposter syndrome.

Episode Highlights

Who is Lisa

    • Lisa is a visual storyteller, content creator, entrepreneur, educator, and wedding photographer.
    • She has been a photographer for over two decades, focussing on capturing stories that bring emotions to life.
    • She does a lot of fashion and commercial work, working with magazines and in the editorial space.

Who is Deevo

    • Deevo worked straight out of college and pursued the American dream.
    • He had a successful career, working nine to five but found his life unfulfilling.
    • He never wanted to be a photographer and was just a hobbyist.
    • He reached a crossroads in his life where he wanted to do something that made him smile, and he walked away with not much of a plan.
    • He launched a couple of different companies simultaneously when going full-time into photography.

Combining their superpowers

    • Deevo slid into Lisa’s DM’s, and four years later, they ended up combining their superpowers and starting Sprout Connectors.
    • They ran into many opportunities within their separate businesses where they’d consult each other.
    • They started working together through their business connections and found that many people were asking them about branding, content creation, social media, and strategy.
    • They took it as a sign from the Universe and went into business together.

Lisa’s travels around the world

    • Lisa says that traveling opens your mind and that it’s symbolic of your life and stepping outside your comfort zone when throwing yourself into the unknown.
    • You end up connecting and communicating with people you typically wouldn’t have.
    • You’re constantly surprised by people’s warmth and hospitality.
    • It allows you to broaden your horizons.

Finding your flow state

    • Lisa says that she thinks everybody has a flow state that they find when they enjoy something.
    • When Deevo reached a crossroads in his life, he realized that he was not in a flow state and was living a life that he felt wasn’t energy-giving, purposeful, or fulfilling.
    • It’s necessary to get clear and aligned to your purpose and step into that.
    • Lisa says when you can have this mind shift change on your terms, it’s a life-changing moment.

Defining brand visual storytelling 

    • Telling a person’s mission, value proposition, and solution statement; helping them tell a story to the type of people who will resonate with their brand.
    • Clearly defining their juxtaposition and their purpose.
    • Engaging with people and meeting them where they are, reflecting on that moment, and expanding on the potential.
    • Exploring those rabbit holes with them to see the opportunities.

Being in the weeds of your business

    • Clients are often too stuck in the weeds of their own business to take a step back and take the time to do proper branding and strategy.
    • Most people have not thought through how their product can be utilized to solve someone else’s problems.
    • Creating content can feel too overwhelming.

How they help you to build your brand

    • Honing in on your purpose is critical when you build your brand.
    • In the discovery process, Deevo and Lisa help you clarify what you stand for.
    • When you’re clear, you enable yourself to talk with passion and purpose to pursue the type of person you want to connect with.
    • When people understand your value proposition, this avoids buyer confusion.

The discovery process

    • The first step of the process is to build your brand.
    • You’ll have an introspective look at what it is you came to the marketplace to have this energy exchange with your potential buyer.
    • Once you’ve gained clarity, your brand message will be the pillars of content used when showing up in the digital space.
    • It’s important to tell your story and create an emotional connection with your tribe, giving them a reason to buy from you.

The ongoing coaching process

    • Deevo and Lisa say they’re constantly surprised by influential and unique public speaking individuals who are uncomfortable with content creation and being on video.
    • There’s a lot of ongoing coaching with the creative storytelling process.
    • They plan what clients should talk about, batch content, and calendar for them.

Advice for their younger selves

    • Lisa says to trust your gut and don’t underestimate the things that come easy to you; it’s your superpower, your talent; explore that.
    • Deevo says he’d tell himself to trust the process and step on the other side of the fear platform because everything he knows today comes from an experience of suffering.

How do they want to be remembered?

    • Lisa wants to be remembered for being kind.
    • Deevo wants to be remembered for allowing people to see themselves in a different light, just allowing people to see their superpowers.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

16:06 - “And I’ve always believed that you can succeed in almost anything you do if you can be clear and aligned with whatever your purpose is.”

25:28 – “When you’re clear on what you do, why you do it, and how you go about doing it, you’re enabling yourself to talk with passion and purpose in pursuit of the type of person you want to connect with.”

38:47 – “To anybody unsure of what you want out of life, the answers are only on the other side of you exploring that, and you can’t be satisfied with just saying this is enough.”


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