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Episode 185

Discover how a retired physician views his career, colleagues, and healthcare today. My guest today is Dr. Robert Yoho, a retired physician and self-proclaimed healthcare whistleblower. He practiced medicine as a board-certified emergency physician and cosmetic surgeon in the United States. Since retiring in the past few years, he has published two books about medical corruption, Butchered by Healthcare and Hormone Secrets. 

Nothing is off limits with Dr. Yoho as he touches on topics like healthcare, the Covid pandemic, psychiatric meds, oncology, and who and where to do your own research. 

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  • Discover why Dr. Yoho is disappointed with his career.
  • Learn his perspective on American healthcare as well as the Covid pandemic.
  • Dr. Robert Yoho shares sources to research things on your own.


Episode Highlights 

Dr. Robert Yoho’s background

    • Both of his parents were doctors, so it seemed like the logical thing for him to do.
    • He had traditional, idealistic mentors that he respected.
    • Dr. Yoho began as a board-certified emergency physician and then shifted and became a cosmetic surgeon.


    • Dr. Robert Yoho describes the amount of money hospitals receive for each Covid patient.
    • Doctors are being incentivized to use Remdesivir, which he says kills 25 to 50% of the people they get on it.
    • There’s another bonus for intubation which he shares ruins patients’ lungs in a certain way after they’ve been on that for a few days.
    • They even get a bonus when a patient dies.

Psychiatric drugs 

    • These drugs have never been studied with controls.
    • Some cause a tremendous amount of violence and suicide
    • Third World countries universally have better outcomes without medications. “They don’t go crazy and stay crazy, like they do on the drugs.” (22:30)

Where to go to do your own research

What Dr. Robert Yoho would like to be remembered for

    • Robert wants to be remembered as a fighter who is willing to speak up. 


3 Powerful Quotes from Dr. Robert Yoho

08:38 – “After five years of reflection, I had to undergo you know, changing your own mind is the most difficult thing in life.”

33:36 – “Learning all this stuff’s been agonizing for me. I came from a traditional background, I had traditional training, I had traditional mentors, and finding out how far things had degenerated, particularly in the last 20 years, and much worse in the last two years. It’s just it’s very painful.”

36:58 – “I’m 69. I know my lifespan is limited, and I want to contribute while I still have time. And I have no choice but to act on this… it really is a desperate race to destroy the censorship before our society breaks down.” 


About Dr. Robert Yoho

Dr. Robert Yoho is a retired physician and healthcare whistleblower. He recently published two books about medical corruption, Butchered by Healthcare and Hormone Secrets. He had a surgical practice in the United States until retirement three years ago. He now writes and speaks about COVID, vaccine fraud, and related issues full-time.

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Connect with Dr. Robert Yoho:



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