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Episode 34

Ravi Trivedi is founder of, a leading platform for Web push notifications that helps companies increase website engagement globally, with customers in 150+ countries. Prior to this he built CouponRani, a leading coupon site in Southeast Asia. He is a growth marketer and has run online business in the US, and India, before building PushEngage.

He also worked at Southeast Interactive Technology Funds, a $200 Million venture capital fund in North Carolina, USA, and as an Equity Analyst at Bank of America, in New York. Ravi completed his MBA from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business and has a master’s in computer science from Indian Institute of Science.

Topics covered in today’s show

    • The journey from VC to entrepreneur
    • How he identified a gap in the market to build his SaaS company
    • Overcoming the early challenges of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
    • Handling the online hackers who tried to take them down
    • How he handles pressure in the midst of adversity
    • Why he turned away business and why
    • His contrarian decision not to raise money (though he is a VC)
    • Tips on the development of “thick skin” in business
    • How to increase website engagement using website push notifications
    • What matter to him most now today and in the future

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