The Hottest New Trend to Build Relationships with Your Audience Fast

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Episode 187

Today we are talking about private podcasts. Never heard of it? Neither had I until recently. It’s the newest way to build relationships quickly with your audience.

I had the pleasure of conversing with Leah Bryant and Marcie Paige, podcast experts and co-founders of The Podcast Effect. We discuss the behind-the-scenes of podcasting and the impactful benefits of adding private podcasts to your business eco-system.

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  • Learn the benefits of having and hosting a podcast.
  • Discover what a private podcast is and its benefits.
  • Uncover the details of Leah and Marcie’s Welcome Series Makeover course.


Episode Highlights 

What is a private podcast?

    • A podcast you can only access via a link shared with you by the host.

What are the benefits of having a private podcast?

    • People learn more about you and your business – brand awareness
    • Higher engagement
    • Build stronger connections
    • Funnel people into your course or coaching program

What are the differences between creating private and public podcasts? 

    • Private podcasts, you can batch work and release it whenever you want.
    • Private podcasts allow you to use the content you’ve already created—for example, a welcome series email sequence.
    • They are audio only, so there’s nothing to worry about with video (the technical side or your physical appearance).

What content people are already creating can be used as private podcast content

    • Weekly coaching calls
    • Newsletters
    • Audio course creation with the platform being a private podcast and one time fee
    • Subscription-based podcast of all the VIP content, and charging a monthly fee

Welcome Series Makeover Course details

    • Transforming your welcome series email sequence into audio format
    • Walk you through step-by-step how to set up a private podcast
    • Take you step-by-step through a simplified editing process with video for clarity
    • Suggest the right microphone and other necessary tools for your space
    • Provide ideas on the strategy of what and how they can repurpose content they already have

What Leah would like to be remembered for

    • Leah wants to be remembered for helping people. Whether podcast-related or not, she wants to help them through whatever they’re going through and help them feel a little better than they may have when we initially started talking.

What Marcie would like to be remembered for

    • Marcie wants to be remembered as a good friend, a good listener, and fun to hang out with.


3 Powerful Quotes

27:05 – “A branded private podcast opens the opportunity up to have higher engagement, build stronger connections, and bring in more leads and sales.” – Leah Bryant

27:20 – A private podcast is “essentially the best repurposing tool ever because there’s a multitude of ways you could use it.” – Leah Bryant

27:44 – “A public podcast can be a little overwhelming, knowing you must put an episode out every week. And you can’t miss a date because your listeners expect it to come out. Almost all the different ways that we use private podcasts, you’re able to record stuff ahead of time, batch it, and once it’s done, you put it out.” – Marcie Paige


About Leah Bryant & Marcie Paige 

Leah Bryant and Marcie Paige, podcast experts and co-founders of The Podcast Effect. They’ve worked in the industry for over three years and love helping business owners utilize the power of private podcasting.

When we discovered all the different ways to incorporate a branded private podcast in your business, we knew there was a hole to fill and a way to educate people on how to have the opportunity for higher engagement, stronger connections, and more sales. 

Our online programs, templates & swipe files help showcase your expertise and generate more income.

Leah Bryant is a podcast producer. She is the founder of Leah Bryant Co, a podcast boutique end-to-end production agency, giving you time back by managing your podcast with a side of organization and automation.

Marcie Paige is a podcast manager. She is the founder of The Marcie Paige Co., a full-service podcast launch and management company helping psychotherapists and personal development coaches expand their reach beyond the couch.


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