World Champion Speaker Ed Tate on Winning High Stakes Presentations

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Episode 231

Want to sell your products, services, and ideas with confidence and impact? Ed Tate, the award-winning international keynote speaker and author, shares three secrets to success.
Ed Tate is the speaker who energizes, educates, and entertains. His signature talk is on Winning High Stakes Presentations, and he has helped countless individuals and businesses transform their presentations and achieve their goals. Ed has sold over $500 million in products and services to corporations and entrepreneurs. 
He also won 2000 Toastmasters International's most prestigious award, the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You will learn the key elements to win your High Stakes Business Presentation.
  2. Hear Ed Tate's winning preparation for the World Champion of Public Speaking title.
  3. Find out how to use the right mindset and converse with the right people.

Episode Highlights

Who is Ed Tate
    • Ed is an award-winning international keynote speaker, trainer, author, and former executive worldwide.
    • He won the American Idol of public speaking.
    • He earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association.
The number one fear of people
    • Public speaking is not the number one fear of people.
    • The number one fear is public humiliation.
    • You need to believe that you are the expert on the topic you are speaking about. 
The 3 wrongs of public speaking.
    • The wrong mindset.
    • Having the wrong conversation.
    • Talking to the wrong person.
The importance of storytelling in speaking
    • Stories are sticky.
    • Ed explains how he uses the CSI approach.
    • He does not do preamble and pre-ramble when he speaks.
How Ed got started in the World of public speaking
    • Ed used to stutter when he was a kid.
    • He works hard and practices speaking in front of the mirror every day and night.
    • In college, Ed became a news anchor and disc jockey.
    • His goal was not to be made fun of for his stuttering.
What made Ed a great sales professional
    • Ed enumerated his sales teachers.
    • Turning boring PowerPoint sales presentations into a fun experience.
    • He learned to stop talking and ask the right questions.
Ed's transition from sales to public speaking
    • Ed was fired from his job, and his reputation was ruined.
    • After his previous job, he had to start from scratch and switch industries.
    • Joining the Toastmasters club.
    • He entered the World Champion of Public Speaking and won on the first try. 
How to prepare and win a speaking competition
    • Ed's initial goal was to join without discussing the contest topic with his friend.
    • The experience made him realize that winners think differently.
    • He dedicates a year to preparing and uses his storytelling powers.
    • The championship story is the audience participation.
    • Ed creates an emergency ending to his speech and still wins.
How Ed leverages his World Champion of Public Speaking title to his advantage
    • People's perception of Ed changed.
    • He did his own broadcasting and his social media.
    • Ed was signed by an agent, speaking bureaus, and a training company.
What is High Stakes Presentation
    • A presentation where it's for you to win or go home.
    • You want to simplify the presentation to the point where ideas are accessible.
    • Ed's story on presenting more confidence.
3 Secrets to Win High Stakes Presentation
    • Don't you say no, before people say no to you.
    • Monetize the problem, use their word and their math.
    • Be bold, ask questions, and show the process.
What Ed Tate would like to remember for
    • Ed Tate wants to be remembered that he loved his children dearly and he was a good dad.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

09:04 - "Curiosity is a superpower in terms of storytelling. Whenever you can incorporate curiosity into your storytelling, it makes people even more engaged, and they want these questions answered."
23:02 - “Winners think differently. They've got a different mindset. They've got a different approach. They don't follow the crowd.”
53:38 - "The less time you have to present, the more you need to prepare because every word matters."

About Ed Tate

Ed Tate is an award-winning international keynote speaker, trainer, author, and former executive. Since 1998, Ed has been principal of Ed Tate & Associates, LLC, a professional development firm that provides keynote presentations and workshops, as well as in-person and do-it-yourself tools and expertise on High-Stakes Business Presentations.
As a speaker, Ed is respected and sought after throughout the world. He won the coveted Toastmasters International 2000 World Championship of Public Speaking in the well-known Toastmasters world, finishing ahead of 354,000 members from 141 countries. To date, he has spoken professionally in all 50 states, 24 countries, and five continents.

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